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Behavior, Training & Obedience

Individual Help for “Nearly New” Dogs –
Adopted, Found or Inherited

Dogs are what we make them, either on purpose or by doing nothing. Dogs of all breeds need socialization. It is critical to the dog’s development, time lost cannot be revisited. There are crucial physiological time periods for dogs, as for children, when exposure to many people and many outside-the-home situations are critical to a dog’s view of the world.

We expect dogs to learn by osmosis, and it is not possible. We are responsible for who our dog becomes. Socialization and training for puppies and positive management for adult, second-hand, dogs can be done effectively and patiently without losing relationship with the dog. All this can be done while still living our lives.

We specialize in the training of the dynamic breeds that may not see “eye-to-eye” with other dogs. We have proven methods of training and obedience that work with positive techniques. If you have the will and commitment, we can always find a way – a peaceful household is within reach.

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