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Our most requested topic is education for helping people of all ages to stay safe around dogs. No age is too young – or old. Toddler-age children through senior citizens can benefit from this phase of education.

How would you respond to the following questions?

1. If you are alone and meet a loose dog, what would you do?

  1. Run
  2. Scream for help
  3. Stand still, avert your eyes and put your hands in your pockets
  4. Wave your arms to scare it away

2. If you are riding a bike and a dog begins to chase you, what would you do?

  1. Ride faster
  2. Kick at the dog
  3. Scream and ride faster
  4. Get off the bike, with the bike between you and the dog and be still

(Answers below)

Most circumstances with dogs can be calmly handled if the tools of understanding a dog’s response to common situations are muscle memory – especially for children.

Dogs and other animals are amazing teachers about life, friendship, responsibility and kindness.

Looking at each animal as an individual helps children respect differences in each other. Understanding about breed predjudice helps children respect differences in nationalities. Each is an individual.

Learning about caring for companion animals is something everyone can benefit from.

Satisfy your New York State Humane Education requirements with a school visit from us with one of our TDI-certified dogs. We cater to both small groups and larger assemblies.

Call today to set up a visit in your school or civic group. Some other frequently requested subjects include:

  • Learning About Animal Heroes
  • Learning About Service Dogs

Answers to the above questions: 1 – C, 2 – D