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Large Dog BasketThis page is dedicated to all the dogs in the world who deserve the health and comfort they can feel with a beautiful custom made orthopedic dog bed but have been outraged by the prices found elsewhere.

These quality custom orthopedic dog beds are made to order, come in any variety of lovely fabrics and colors, and provide orthopedic support for our beloved friends at affordable prices.

Each custom orthopedic dog bed is made with an inner portion of high density foam (approximately 3″ thick) and extra padding for warmth, comfort, and added orthopedic support. These custom orthopedic dog beds are also made with a zippered removable cover for easy removal and washing (I know dogs don’t care about that stuff…but it makes us humans’ lives a bit easier!)

Please feel free to browse around the site to see different examples of our variety of custom velvet orthopedic dog beds in a variety of colors and a large selection of velvet (& other) fabrics. If you have any special request for a particular color or fabric, please let us know!

If you or your dog feel that you have any questions or would like any additional information, please feel free to contact Pandora’s via the “contact” button. Your feedback and comments are always welcome and appreciated!


I started making these dog beds years ago for my own dogs. “Barrow” is now a very big boy, weighing nearly as much as myself! I got so frustrated with the short-lived polyfil beds sold at most pet shops, as they would go flat under his weight in a very short period of time. He also needed much more orthopedic support given his weight than regular dog beds could provide. Orthopedic dog beds are far too expensive for our simple Alaskan family…so I decided to start making an orthopedic dog bed that would last, provide good orthopedic support, and give my best friends the best I had to offer. As a true Alaskan dog lover, I started making more orthopedic beds for other dogs out there who (like their human friends) deserve the best but cant always afford it. So that’s how we got started…now you know where our hard earned $ goes….the Abby & Barrow kibble fund:)