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The Dynamic Breeds are the breeds that most often end up being passed from home to home and oftentimes end up in shelters before they are one year old.

The working, herding and Bully breeds head up this group of dogs. Dogs bred for doing a “job” have specific physical and psychological needs that, when not fulfilled, are perceived as “unmanageable” and “agressive.” Minds that are bred to be used, when not given direction, find ways to occupy their time, many times in manors which make them candidates for being “gotten rid of,” and becoming a shelter statistic. Commitment to socialization, spaying, neutering and training give the dogs the tools needed to become good citizens. Many dogs within these groups don’t see eye to eye with other dogs, especially same-sex dogs.

Careful research of a breed, coupled with a realistic assessment of a family’s requirements at home are needed to make the right match and ultimately a forever home for the dog.

Fad breeds, impulse buying and mis-identification of breeds in shelters add to the problems for these breeds, which ultimately can end with the dog paying the price.

“A tired dog is a good dog,” is a good thing to keep in mind if one of these breeds is in your future. Plenty of exercise, whether outdoor walks or romps with the family or agility training and competing is a definite plus. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow for this type of commitment, be honest for the sake of the dog.

Few things are as rewarding as sharing your life with a companion dog of one of these breeds. The time taken to train and responsibly house a dog with the unconditional loyalty of the dynamic breeds is rarely duplicated.

It is also important to ask yourself if you will be able to be as loyal to the dog as it will be to you. Be aware of Breed Specific requirements (legislation) in your area, as well as landlord requirements as to breed and size. We are responsible to care for them who cannot speak for themselves. Take the time, it will be worth it for both you and the dog. Please call me if you have any questions and I will point you in the right direction to ask all the right questions.